Members of a Muslim youth group have been donating blood as part of a nationwide campaign to combat a shortage in blood donations.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association arranged for volunteers from five towns, including Watford, to visit Luton Blood Centre on Saturday November 6.

The blood drive forms part of a campaign run by AMYA, a supporting body of the religious and charitable Ahmadiyya Muslim community organisation.

The efforts are particularly important at this time due to a nationwide shortage in donations from members of the south Asian community.

Regional President of AMYA UK, Saeed Nazir, said: “We have been working with National Blood Service for the past decade but since 2018 a number of our centres have now become permanent venues as there is a shortage of south Asian donors.

“Giving blood helps to save lives and in this respect, it is an act of faith. The giving of blood is symbolic of providing lifeblood for humanity and Ahmadi Muslims are committed to the service and benefit of mankind.”

AMYA members donate blood as part of drive for donors from south Asian community