How the charity is keeping food on the table in Mirfield homes

20 August 2020

Charity Humanity First commemorated the opening of its first food bank in Mirfield with a socially distanced service, attended by local volunteers and supporters.

Humanity First is a global charity, operating in over 50 countries, that focuses on disaster relief, support for the lonely and food security.

It was formed by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in 1995 and also runs Batley Food Bank, on Brunswick Street.

Joining representatives of the charity at the new Huddersfield Road food bank, were Councillor Martyn Bolt, the Mayor of Mirfield, Reverend Hugh Baker, Vicar of the Mirfield Team Parish and Wendy Clough, Community Champion at Morrisons in Heckmondwike.

Reverend Hugh Baker said: “The world is full of inequalities and how we treat the most vulnerable in society leaves a lot to be desired.

“In some ways it is sad that a food bank had to be opened in Mirfield but I look forward to working with Humanity First to help those in need in the area.”

Councillor Martyn Bolt said: “The title ‘Humanity First’ really says it all as it something that everyone should aspire to.

“I look forward to the day when there is no need for a food bank in the area and that Humanity First can turn its attention to other community and charitable groups.”

Mr Rafiq Ahmad Hayat, trustee of Humanity First International and National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association said: “Humanity First helps people based on their need irrespective of their background or faith.

“During the coronavirus crisis Humanity First has provided over 10 million meals to people in need around the world.

“Although the food bank in Mirfield is the first ever opened by Humanity First, I expect that sadly many more would need to be opened to help alleviate poverty in the UK.

“I would like to thank all the volunteers, partner groups and the local people in Mirfield who helped set up the Food Bank.”

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