Humanity First food bank to open in Mirfield West Yorks

17 July 2020

HUMANITY First UK is formally opening its new food bank at Mirfield (West Yorks) on 17th July 15.20 pm LIVE on youtube via this link.

Rather than face travelling to other areas or relying on food banks out of town, Humanity First is pleased to be able to help the residents of Mirfield and surrounding areas directly and look forward to working with the Council and other stakeholders to reach as many vulnerable people as possible.

They are still looking for volunteers and donations so please email: to step forward and help.

The foodbank is managed by Nadeem Ahmad, born and bred in Huddersfield, who has been a volunteer charity worker for over 15 years having worked for Humanity First, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association and assisted many local charities over the years.

Nadeem, 31, said:

“Helping many charities in Kirklees over the years including our local foodbanks, we realised there was an unmet need and we decided as a charity to rise to the challenge and help.

“I’m deeply indebted to the many volunteers from Mirfield and wider afield who have given many hours of their time to help renovate the premises, collect donations as well as work round the clock to get the food bank ready.”

“The COVID-19 crisis has left all of our society impacted however I have seen a great zeal and passion in the people of Mirfield to come together to help their fellow residents at this time of national emergency.”